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The free people search in ( is based on published phone directory information and enhanced with data from several other sources. The database contains records on 146 million individuals and 96 million households in the US. The information is updated monthly, so users can find people by name, home address or telephone number on this new easy-to-use Website.

The most popular search form is Find People by Name. It allows searching for people by full, partial name or just initials in a particular location. There is an option to look for similar name matches (e.g. Dan, Danny and Daniel or Brown, Browne, Braun and Hatton-Brown). The searches could be conducted nationwide or be specific to a particular city, state or zip code. A user can expand people search to the surrounding metro area or county for the entered city-state combination or zip code. MyPeopleSearch has the ability to interpret city aliases even in cases when the selected city is not a standard postal city. For example, when user enters NYC or Manhattan the results will show the listings for New York, NY. The Website will also verify if the specified city is valid for the selected state.

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