Birth Records Finders

Birth records have been a great help to many genealogy and family history researchers, as well as adoptee searches for birth parents, providing valuable information and clues to an ancestors or relatives birth.

Birth records usually contain information about a persons birth, including the date of birth, place of birth, sometimes the names of the mother and father, and even the physician who attended the birth. Birth certificates issued by state and local governments will often include the place of residence, and the mothers maiden name.

Therere some good services to find Birth Records:

Birth Records Search was created to provide genealogists with access to the birth records from a single place. Presented on this website are individual State Guides designed to show you where all the best birth record archives and databases are found.

Vitalcheck is America’s Leading Source For Life’s Most Important Documents. With the VitalChek Express Certificate Service, you can obtain your vital records for passports, visas, school enrollment or drivers license fast and easy. Unlike almost all other remote ordering services, VitalChek sets its pricing guidelines in conjunction with the government agency, so you pay only the cost of the document and a minimal processing fees plus the cost of shipping. There are no hidden or unexplained charges.

Family Birth Records is good way to find Birth Records for Your Family History and Build Your Family Tree. You can search for Birth Records in over 3,000 genealogy databases.

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