Google People Search

Google isnt only the great search engine, it can be useful even you want to find a persons phone number or company contacts. First of all, use Googles phonebook operator - this feature can be more convenient than your local phonebook and more extensive too!
To see only residential phonebook listings, use the rphonebook operator.
The formats of rphonebook are:
1) First name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional): Roy John New York
2) First name (or first initial), last name, state: Roy John NY
3) First name (or first initial), last name, area code: Roy John 518
4) First name (or first initial), last name, zip code: Roy John 12970
5) Phone number, including area code: 327-3380 518
6) Last name, city, state: John New York NY
7) Last name, zip code: John 518

Looks complicated? If you dont want to spend time with Google, try people search at which has membership base of more than 25 million and growing by up to 40,000 new users every day. Members can find and reconnect with friends, classmates, lost loves, family and all their important relationships.

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