How to track your dog with GPS

Many pet owners think that by placing a microchip on an animal, it is possible to track the location using a satellite or mobile phone, but it’s not true.

A microchip does not have a battery or a GPS. Therefore, it is impossible to track an animal using a chip. In case of loss of the animal, the owner can only wait until the pet is found and taken to the organization where there is a scanner, which can read the microchip. Then they will contact either the database where the animal is registered, or the organization where the identification was made, or directly with the owner. It could be complicated, but the plus is that the microchip cannot be lost, that is, the probability of a return is still very high.

If you want to receive information about the location of your pet, then only a GPS tracker will definitely help you.

Dogs and cats receive GPS tracker attached to the collar. Dog associations, pets webshops and dog walking services shows that these chips are becoming more popular.

The tracker must be always charged. Because if the battery sits down it will be impossible to track the animal. Also you need a good signal from the cellular network and GPS-satellite.

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