How to find a person in Canada

If you are looking for a missing person in Canada, you should try the following services:

Searching a person by First Last name
You can search for a missing person by first, last name (if you dont actually remember the correct spelling, select checkbox Bagins with). Fill the City or postal code if you know it (look through postal mails from a person you are looking for to find it). Select province (if you dont know - use All provinces). As if you know the only Last name - try it.

Searching a person by a phone number
If you know a persons phone number - try Reverse Phone Number Search, filling it in 123-456-7890 form. Use to fill with a different last figures if you arent sure - it may help.

Searching a person by postal address
Know missing persons address? Its easy. Just fill Reverse Address Search form where the only Street name & City / postal code required. The more info you have - the better results youll get.
Try to find neighbors if you dont know persons actual address - youll be able to connect people to ask for a missing person. Dont be ashamed of asking - they may see each other every day. is a part of with its 180 million people database.

Basic People Search by First Last name
You can use basic Search form if you know the missing persons correct First Last name (Last name required), adding City or postal code and Province (optional).

Advanced People Search
Dont sure about persons First Last name spelling? Use Advanced People Search form where you can check, using Begins with option. Check Including surround area to get more results.

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