Looking For A Lost Classmates in UK

Therere a couple possible reasons why you want to reunion with classmates. Whether the goal is to see how their lives are progressing, reconnect with a best friend or just see who has lost the most hair over the years, there are many ways to find lost classmates online in United Kingdom.

Lost School Friends.com went live on the Internet in December 2000, with the central aim of helping UK school friends to stay in touch. You can enter the name of a lost friend with a common thread in Message Board, so your name and contact details will then be attached and visible to all other members viewing the message board.

Oldschoolmates.co.uk is a huge database which at the moment holds over 38,000 Schools, Colleges and Universities. Registered users will be able to find their old schools and contact their old mates. This service allows you to search the database without adding yourself to the particular school too.

In the Friends Reunited about 19 million members are grouped into directories, including schools, universities, work places, armed forces, and locations. This makes it easy to find old friends quickly. Most members choose their school mates first, but you can also find old friends from university, work and places you've lived.

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