People Finders Italy is Italy People Finder. If you are looking for you Italian ancestry, this is a really good starting point. If you wish know more about italian culture you will find a lot of useful resources. Insert a family name and this server will generate a map of Italy with the frequency on the territory. is White Pages telephone directory for people and businesses in Italy. Put surname or business name in Cognome o nome Azienda, a city (e.g. Roma) or region in Dove and press Cerca. Includes map links (mappa interattiva) and has reverse search (ricerche speciali). In Italian.

Italy Gen Web ( shows surname concentrations in Italy. Especially helpful if you are not sure of where your family is from. Pagine Gialle On Line Italian Yellow Pages, in English, Italian, and other languages. Search on what you are looking for, example: Libraries Cemeteries Churches then by region or province.

Ask Metafilter ( is Find Missing Person service in Italy. If you have the last address of person you want to find, know his/her full name, d.o.b. or maybe few other random details about (one of sisters names, fathers business, job) you can find lost friends or relatives in Italy.

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