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Birth Records Finders

Birth records have been a great help to many genealogy and family history researchers, as well as adoptee searches for birth parents, providing valuable information and clues to an ancestors or relatives birth.

Birth records usually contain information about a persons birth, including the date of birth, place of birth, sometimes the names of the mother and father, and even the physician who attended the birth. Birth certificates issued by state and local governments will often include the place of residence, and the mothers maiden name.

Email People Search

If you know someones name, its possible they might have an electronic mail address somewhere. How can you find it?

You might find an email address by searching the Web, searching the Usenet archive or by browsing a Web site affiliated with the individual. There are a number of good services to find e-mails of friends, colleagues or classmates

The good one is Yahoo Advanced Mail Search, where you can enhance your search by choosing an organization name and type.

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