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People Finders Italy is Italy People Finder. If you are looking for you Italian ancestry, this is a really good starting point. If you wish know more about italian culture you will find a lot of useful resources. Insert a family name and this server will generate a map of Italy with the frequency on the territory.

Cell Phone Search Services

Intelius provides information, when available, associated with cell, unlisted, non-published, residential, business, Internet and pager numbers such as name, address, phone company and more.

People Search Free

Do you know that you can find persons phone number or address just using internal Google operators?

Thats it you can use your useful search engine not only to google internet sites, but also google for people: what sites do they visit, what posts do they made, what are their web interests.

While looking for a person at Web, you can look for:
1. missing person first and second name as John Smith or John +Smith
2. home address
3. business address and position
4. instant messenger ID
5. facebook, social networks nickname

Google People Search

Google isnt only the great search engine, it can be useful even you want to find a persons phone number or company contacts. First of all, use Googles phonebook operator - this feature can be more convenient than your local phonebook and more extensive too!
To see only residential phonebook listings, use the rphonebook operator.
The formats of rphonebook are:
1) First name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional): Roy John New York
2) First name (or first initial), last name, state: Roy John NY

How to find a person in Canada

If you are looking for a missing person in Canada, you should try the following services:

Searching a person by First Last name
You can search for a missing person by first, last name (if you dont actually remember the correct spelling, select checkbox Bagins with). Fill the City or postal code if you know it (look through postal mails from a person you are looking for to find it). Select province (if you dont know - use All provinces). As if you know the only Last name - try it.

Free people search in phone directory

The free people search in ( is based on published phone directory information and enhanced with data from several other sources. The database contains records on 146 million individuals and 96 million households in the US. The information is updated monthly, so users can find people by name, home address or telephone number on this new easy-to-use Website.

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