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How to do a people search

When doing a people search, you need to know "who", "where", and "what". The more information you can collect about a person, the better your results will be. People search sites, public records, and white pages only help you find a person if you know facts about the person you are searching for. Sometimes you can find some unexpected facts but it's also fine.

Google People Search tips

Did you really know that you can use Google's search to find people on any social media site or other sites?

If you will enter the person's name, phone number, address, SSN, or other personal identifier on Google, followed by the site: handle and the site domain, you'll get a lot of pages with suggestions where you can find this person.

Google's image search can be another way to find people by name, or even search for people by uploading a photo. In a lot of cases it can recognize person from the photo and even show similar photos.

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