ZabaSearch - free people search Zaba review

ZabaSearch is a people search engine that lets you find people in US by name, address or phone number without registration required. It gives you instant results. The great thing about ZabaSearch is that its three times more residential listings than white pages phone directory that makes using Zaba Search people finder effective.

Like Google , ZabaSearch (link) is a real people finder, not a database and does not house, create or manage the information in the search results.

Free Zaba Search engine pulls its people search records from numerous public records sources, making it one of the largest and up to date free people searches online. Information typically makes it to the public domain via a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to: phone listings, court records, real property records, subscriptions etc. Sources vary state by state and region by region. Unlike Zaba People Search, there are many companies who do gather, generate, compile, house and sell public information, most of which are publicly traded.

Zaba people search also utilizes data from and provides information such as phone, address and birth date for free while charging visitors $20 to $100 for a background check on an individual. Zaba search engine’s creators have recently decided to take their extensive people database a step further by adding a new Zaba Search Blog feature, which will effectively allow registered users to post comments about individuals.

This kind of technology isnt exactly new to the internet, but ZabaSearch is the first to open up such comprehensive information about people to the public for free. And for an additional fee, even more can be found out about you or anyone else with Zaba people finder services.

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